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Mark McCloskey To Speak At RNC Convention:

According to his lawyer, St. Louis Attorney Mark McCloskey who waved his gun at Black Lives Matter protesters who broke into his neighborhood will speak at the RNC Convention. 

Here Comes President Trump:

President Trump is climbing back in the Polls after weeks of Democrats embarrassing themselves. A new CNN poll found Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump evaporating. That same CNN poll also found President Trump surging in battleground states.

Truck Driver Brutally Beaten By Left-Wing Rioters:

A video has gone viral of left-wing rioters beating a man unconscious who got out of his truck to help someone else who was being beaten up by the same rioters. According to reports, his injuries are not “life-threatening”.  Shockingly, the Multnomah County District Attorney, Mike Schmidt, vowed to actually press charges against the rioters who brutally beat the truck driver. 

Study: Broadcast Coverage 95% Negative Against President Trump: 

According to a new study from The Media Research Center, 95% of broadcast news coverage for President Trump has been negative. The time period they looked at was June 1st to July 31st.

Commie Fest 2020: 

Day 1 of the Democrat Convention was Monday night and it was about what you would have expected. Many of these speakers were left-wing radicals. Michelle Obama taped her message over a week ago and continued to show Americans just how out of touch she and Joe Biden are. Fake Conservative John Kasich also spoke.

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