White House Worried That Hunter Biden Scandals Could Doom Biden In 2024

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Big Tech and the mainstream media censored the Hunter Biden laptop throughout the entire 2020 election.

They claimed it was a conspiracy theory despite the fact that the laptop has now been confirmed as real.

According to a new report, the White House is worried that these scandals will doom Biden’s 2024 run.

Breitbart reported:

Aides in the Biden administration fear Hunter and President Joe Biden’s shady business activities could doom the president’s potential campaign in 2024, Politico reported.

The Republicans’ investigations into the Biden family upon retaking the House in November could derail any hope of Joe Biden’s returning to the White House after 2024.

According to Politico’s Eugene Daniels, Jonathan Lemire, Jordain Carney, “[i]f a GOP-led House turns up the heat on Hunter Biden, it could weigh heavily in the president’s decision to run for a second term.”

“White House officials said Biden is preparing to seek reelection, but a final decision likely won’t be made for several months, with the first lady having an outsized influence. Some aides believe that Biden could forgo another campaign if it would shield his family from hostile congressional investigations,” the report states.

Is the truth finally coming out?