Trump’s Endorsement Stronger Than Biden’s

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The media wants you to believe that Joe Biden got 81 million votes and is more popular than President Donald Trump. The evidence tells a different story.

A new poll found that President Donald Trump’s endorsement is more powerful than Joe Biden’s.

From The Washington Examiner:

Democrats have a mixed reaction to the value of a candidate endorsement from President Joe Biden, but that’s not the case for Republicans when former President Donald Trump weighs in.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 59% of GOP voters said they would be “more likely” to “vote for” a candidate endorsed by Trump, the biggest indication yet of the importance of a Trump blue check, especially in primaries.

A combined 39% of Republicans said Trump’s backing would either make no difference or make them less likely to choose his pick.

By comparison, just 47% of Democrats would be more likely to vote for a Biden-backed candidate, fewer than the 49% of Democrats who said they would be less likely or that his endorsement wouldn’t make a difference.