Trump Releases Statement On MI Audit Rally–Warns RINOs Blocking Audit

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The fight for election integrity continues.

Trump just released a statement on the rally in Michigan that took place yesterday.

The rally was demanding an audit in Michigan.

He also blasted RINOs who are currently blocking it saying that they will be facing primary challenges.


Those who attended

“We Want An Audit!”–MI Crowd Chants For Audit

From MLive:

Conservative activists on Tuesday announced a petition initiative aimed at changing Michigan law on post-election audits in order to spur more investigation into 2020 results.

The Republican-majority state Legislature has not acted on demands for a “forensic audit” from supporters of former President Donald Trump who believe the results were tainted by fraud. Several hundred demonstrators rallied outside the state Capitol in Lansing on Tuesday, rejecting audits performed by the Michigan Secretary of State and a GOP-led investigation that both affirmed President Joe Biden’s victory.

You can watch the full event here:

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