The Washington Post Calls Out Biden Over Press Conference Avoidance

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Joe Biden hides from the press.

Since taking office Joe Biden has had less than 60 interviews in his first two years.

Trump held 202 and Obama held 275.

Biden is yet to have any solo press conferences so far.

The Washington Post Editorial Board called him out.

Fox News reported:

The Washington Post came out against President Biden’s avoidance of the media in a Monday editorial titled “Why is President Biden afraid of news conferences?”

Many reporters have commented on Biden’s hesitance to hold formal press conferences despite previously promising transparency in his administration. As the 2024 presidential election draws nearer, major publications such as the Washington Post began voicing their displeasure at what they considered Biden’s fear of the press.

“President Biden hasn’t dropped the microphone; he appears to have lost it. Mr. Biden is turning into a news media evader, and it’s harmful to his presidency and the nation. In the past 100 years, only Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan averaged fewer news conferences than Mr. Biden,” the editorial board acknowledged.

The editorial also noted that Biden has taken zero solo press conferences so far in 2023. Any exceptions included “joint” press conferences with visiting world leaders.

The Washington Post concluded its piece imploring the president to hold more conferences with the press to promote more public accountability and instill confidence in his administration.

In late April the New York Times wrote a similar article showing Biden’s record press avoidance.

The New York Times reported:

In the 100 years since Calvin Coolidge took office, only Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan held as few news conferences each year as the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Traveling in Ireland last week, President Biden abandoned the decades-old tradition of holding a news conference while abroad. On Thursday, President Gustavo Petro of Colombia met with Mr. Biden, but the two did not hold a news conference together, another practice of his predecessors that Mr. Biden has frequently chosen to skip. After the meeting, Mr. Petro took questions from reporters — alone — at microphones in front of the West Wing.

And despite his press secretary pledging that Mr. Biden would “bring transparency and truth back to the government,” in his first two years, the president granted the fewest interviews since Mr. Reagan’s presidency: only 54. (Donald J. Trump gave 202 during the first two years of his presidency; Barack Obama gave 275.)

More than any president in recent memory, Mr. Biden, 80, has taken steps to reduce opportunities for journalists to question him in forums where he can offer unscripted answers and they can follow up. The result, critics say, is a president who has fewer moments of public accountability for his comments, decisions and actions.

Biden doesn’t want any tough questions.