The FBI’s 20-Year Review Of “Active Shooters” And Being Fully Prepared

The FBI recently published a 20-year review of “active shooters” (for the years 2000 to 2019).

They found:

  • “Active shooters” were responsible for 2,851 casualties over the 20-year period

  • Most events happened in businesses open to pedestrian traffic

  • Most “active shooters” carried a single firearm

To defend loved ones, we’ve done our range time. We’ve drilled. We have weapons ready.

But some of us aren’t fully prepared — because we forget to protect ourselves.

When we’re fully prepared, we have more than just weapons ready: We have emergency body armor ready, too.

We have a plate carrier and armor that is:

  • Easy to throw on

  • Light to carry

  • Ready to go

Because an active shooter can always get off one lucky shot.

To be fully prepared, try out Hackett’s Alpha One Plate Carrier/Armor Combo.

It’s among the best in durability, comfort, and versatility — all at a reasonable price.

Choose Level III+ test steel plates or Level IV tested ceramic plates to customize a combo that best suits you:

People are saying:

“The quality of the carrier and the plates are outstanding and for a plate carrier it is pretty light. The adjustments are great I’m a pretty thin guy and it fits perfectly. Lastly the customer service is amazing.” – Alex

“I have read a lot in carriers and armour. I decided to go with this set and I am very pleased. You could not ask for better service from the company, fast shipping and solid product. Will buy another in the future.” – Joshua

“Bought the Alpha One ODGreen to check out quality. Excellent product and shipped with all the pouches shown. Turned around about bought another one. My family and friends inspected the quality and are going to place orders as well. I was looking for a company that inventories stock within USA and Hackett does. Shipped Very quickly.” – Adam

The Alpha One Plate Carrier/Armor combo has:

    — Weather-resistant and tough 600D Cordura Nylon

    — Adjustable velcro straps and cummerbund that fit from small to XXL sizes

    — Holds ballistic plate sizes 10″ x 12″ (Shooters Cut)

    — Adjustable rifle sling mount

    — Five rifle magazine pouches — two single pouch panels and one three pouch panel

    — Two 8″ x 6″ x 3″ utility pouches

    — Front and back 10″ x 12″ shooters cut plates

Click here to see more images.

Hackett Equipment is an America-First company supporting the right of every American to defend themselves and their families.

Here’s more from Hackett:

Here at Hackett, our mission is simple: to put you the customer first above everything else.

So what’s that mean?

For starters, with every single piece of equipment we introduce, our goal is to create something that you can be proud of for a lifetime. Not a week, or a year, or ten, but until you’re old and wrinkly. That’s why on anything you purchase, you’re not only covered by the quality craftsmanship, select materials, and attention to detail, but you’re also covered by the Hackett Lifetime Guarantee. Anytime you purchase something on our site, at a gun show, or in stores, we want you to know that there’s an army that stands behind you and your product ready to make sure you’re happy.

ORDER NOW: To be fully prepared or if you want to give a plate carrier/armor combo as a gift, NOW is the time to order — while they’re still in stock!

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