“Teetering On The Edge” — Diesel Prices Leading To Food Shortages?

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A Farm Bureau official just described the food situation in America as “teetering on the edge”:

“We have reached that point to where it is very close to being a sinking ship . . . We are teetering on the edge right now.”

The cause?

High diesel prices are making it so farmers can’t afford to run their tractors during planting time.

The New York Post noted:

“Farmers disproportionately rely on diesel to fuel their tractors and other heavy machinery used to plant and harvest crops, burning up to thousands of gallons a month, depending on the size of their operation.

Feeling the pinch at the pump, farmers can decide to stop planting certain crops to save money on fuel, which, in turn, could result in higher food prices and even food shortages.”

It’s already starting to affect restaurants.

Chef Andrew Gruel explained to Fox Business that hard times are coming:

Chef Gruel’s ideas for fighting food inflation are:

  • Partner up with local restaurants to get wholesale prices

  • Don’t use food delivery apps if you don’t need to (they add up to 30% to the cost)

Here’s something else to think about before it’s too late:

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