Ted Cruz: Biden Creating “Super Spreader Event” At The Border

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A prominent Republican lawmaker is sounding the alarm about the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News to slam Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for refusing to visit America’s southern border because they want to cover up just how bad the crisis is down there.

Cruz also accused the Biden administration of creating a “super spreader event” by distributing apprehended illegal aliens all across the United States.

“I have seen cages of little boys and little girls packed in, one on top of each other. When we were there, they had a rate of Covid positivity of over 10%. And like a churning, revolving door, Joe Biden is releasing them,” Cruz said.

“There was just a report this week that the Biden administration has released over 50,000 illegal aliens without even giving them a court date. They just released them. And you know what, they are asked to report into ICE, about 13% of them report into ICE,” he added.

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