Senate RINOs Want Nikki Haley To Be GOP Nominee – Trump Continues To Dominate Primary Polling

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RINOs have a new candidate who want to stop Donald Trump.

It is Nikki Haley.

The Hill reported:

Senate Republicans who are concerned about former President Donald Trump’s viability in a general election now see Nikki Haley as the last, best chance of denying Trump the GOP presidential nomination and averting what they see as a potential general election disaster.

GOP senators who don’t support Trump acknowledge he could win the presidency, given President Biden’s weak job approval ratings, but they view Haley as much more electable because she does not alienate independent and suburban women voters like Trump does.

They are worried that if Trump is the GOP nominee, it could still lead to a disastrous result for their party.

The growing buzz around Haley comes at a time when many GOP senators are writing off Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s chances of staging a comeback.

Polls are showing Donald Trump with a massive primary lead.

The Daily Mail reported:

According to polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight, Trump is now on track to win around 60 percent of the votes in the contest, which begins with the Iowa Caucus on January 24.

It leaves Ron DeSantis a long way back in second place at 12.6 percent with just 52 days until the votes start to count.

DeSantis will join former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy at the next GOP Wednesday but Trump – as he did with all three previous debates – will skip it.

The Florida governor has recently lost two key cogs in his Never Back Down Super PAC, with chairman Adam Laxalt resigning a week ago and chief executive Kristin Davison among several staffers being fired Saturday.

The RINOs are losing.