How Fox News’ Gutfeld Beat The Late-Night Mainstream Media

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Late-night comedy is dominated by radical leftists. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert spent the entire Trump presidency attacking Trump and lying about him. Americans are tired of it.

Fox News launched their own late-night comedy show – “Gutfeld.” Rather than propping up the corrupt establishment, Gutfeld calls out the media and Democrat party – viewers are flocking to him. The show is dominating the late-night comedy scene getting more viewers than Jimmy Kimmell and Jimmy Fallon. He even beat Stephen Colbert twice in a  7 day period.

Forbes reported:

In fact, you could argue that at least some of Gutfeld’s success (an average of almost 2 million viewers in April alone, topping Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon) is best understood within the context of missteps and ratings decline at CNN. To say nothing of the ideological like-mindedness across most of the late-night landscape.

“Gutfeld!” marked its one-year anniversary earlier this month, on April 5. That same week, the show had its most-watched week to-date, with almost 2.2 million viewers — outpacing even Colbert’s show on two days out of that 7-day period.

“If you’ve been watching my stuff,” Gutfeld continued to me, in a recent phone interview following his show’s 1-year mark, “I spend a lot of time talking about media. Because I know the internal flaws of it.