Employee Fired After Refusing To Work After Roe Ruling

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Michael Lopez, a former production coordinator at Universal Music Enterprises announced he was refusing to work after the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade.

Lopez said, “Paired with the flood of anti-queer and anti-trans legislation, it’s been hard to process how company’s [sic] expect us to be productive while our rights are being stripped away.”

He has now announced he has been fired.

From Fox Business:

A Universal Music Group employee said he was fired from his job for refusing to work after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last month, and claimed the termination showed the company did not support its workers “speaking out” about abortion rights.

He said he received a “surprise Zoom video chat with HR” the following Monday.

“I was being let go for (paraphrasing) ‘Not doing your job, disrupting the day of 275 people and poor judgement,’” Lopez wrote.

“Just got fired for this email from Friday, so they’re letting you know where they stand on employees speaking out on politicians that support marginalization for folks like me,” he wrote in the email. “A brown queer person terminated during Pride month speaking in support of abortion rights. Seems like that’s exactly what America is all about right now.”

The company called the allegations in the post by Lopez “inaccurate” but he has been let go.