Emails Show Secret Service Agents Bashing Biden Administration

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The Biden administration was just caught in another lie.

It turns out that the Biden’s dog Major bit secret service agents on eight consecutive days.

Leaked emails show secret service agents bashing the spin put out by the Biden administration claiming they were lying about what happened.

From Just The News:

Secret Service agents expressed their frustrations over email about Jen Psaki for her response to the media about an attack by President Joe Biden’s dog, Major.

A Presidential Protective Division (PPD) agent emailed a colleague on March 9, 2021, to check in after hearing about an incident with Major, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

“You ok? Someone told me you got bit,” the PPD agent wrote.

“Yes I got bit by Major,” the colleague responded. “NO I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed. Thanks for checking in.”

“SMH (shaking my head) .. hope you didn’t get hurt to bad [sic]. Take care,” the agent replied.

During a press conference earlier that day, Psaki told reporters that “Major was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual.”

There was also a cover-up from Secret Service leaders.

From New York Post:

Secret Service leaders also sought to keep attack details out of official paperwork — at one point rejecting an agent’s “excessively detailed” account to avoid upsetting the first family — after Major bit agents on eight consecutive days.