DeSantis On Pace To Be First GOP Governor In 20 Years To Win Blue Miami-Dade County

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on pace to be the first Governor in 20 years to win Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade is traditionally blue.

NBC News reported:

Florida Democrats are fretting over Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ popularity among Latinos, saying they are boosting his chances of becoming the first Republican governor in 20 years to win traditionally blue Miami-Dade County and therefore propelling his chances of a successful presidential run in 2024.

Miami-Dade, the state’s most populous county, is 70% Hispanic. The last time a Republican governor won Miami-Dade County was Jeb Bush in 2002. Unlike DeSantis, Bush held press conferences in fluent Spanish and his wife is Mexican-born.

DeSantis is an “outlier” among Republican governors, said Fernand Amandi, a Democratic consultant and pollster in Miami.

Hispanics make up 70% of Miami-Dade County.