Courthouse In Nevada County Renamed After Trump

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Despite widespread attacks by the media, Democrats, and RINOs Trump is becoming even more popular around the United States.

A Courthouse in a rural Nevada county has been renamed “The Donald J. Trump Justice Complex.”

From The Hill:

Ajustice complex in a rural Nevada county has been given a new name this week after locals voted in favor of renaming the building after former President Trump.

The Donald J. Trump Justice Complex, which houses Lyon County’s jail, Third Judicial District Court, sheriff’s office and Walker River Justice court, was celebrated with a formal dedication ceremony last Saturday, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Around 50 people were in attendance for the dedication, the news outlet noted.

The complex was first opened in 2013, but in August of last year county commissioners signed off on the new name in a 3-2 vote, the Review-Journal reported.

This news comes as Americans continue to show their displeasure for Biden.

His average approval sunk below 40% for the first time.