Conservative Groups Join To Protect Elderly Voters

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Two conservative groups are joining together to protect elderly voters.

The American Constitutional Rights Union and Association of Mature American Citizens announced they will help protect the rights of elderly voters.

Breitbart reported:

The American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) and the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) have partnered to protect senior voters during this midterm election cycle.

In a press release, AMAC CEP Rebecca Weber announced the partnership with the ACRU to help safeguard elderly Americans voting rights after reports of potential vote fraud in nursing homes.

“If there was ever a senior-centric election cycle, it’s this year’s midterm elections; older Americans will win big or lose. It is critical that the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, senior citizens, protect their rights, particularly their voting rights,” stated Weber.

Voter fraud was found in nursing homes across the country.

Townhall reported:

The evidence of such fraud is growing. In 2020, a Texas social worker was indicted on 134 felony counts of vote fraud for registering mentally incapacitated citizens to vote without their consent. And this year, an employee at the Father Murray Nursing Center in Macomb County Michigan was sentenced to jail for forging signatures on absentee ballot applications.

In Wisconsin, the state assembly appointed a special counsel to investigate vote fraud in nursing homes after an investigation by a county sheriff uncovered evidence indicating numerous cases of vote fraud in a nursing home. Special Counsel Michael Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, released a report this year indicating, “rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide” at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities.” After investigating more than 90 nursing homes in five counties the Special Counsel concluded that there was evidence of fraud including illegally assisting and marking ballots and possible forgery.

The investigation revealed voting rates in the nursing homes in these counties were astoundingly high. In three counties, 100% of nursing home residents voted. Given the likelihood that every nursing home has some residents who suffer from severe dementia, it seems highly improbable that each resident was capable of requesting an absentee ballot and filling it out.

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