CNN Host Warns About America’s Future – After Biden Is Snubbed By Gulf Countries

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The Biden administration was set to beg the gulf countries to produce more oil to help with his economic battle with Russia. They didn’t even take the call.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria reacted to the news by warning Americans about what this means.

According to Zakaria, this shows America is losing its position on the world stage. He said we are heading towards a “post-American” world.

From Fox News:

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said Sunday that America was losing its hold on the world’s stage, emphasizing that the signs were “everywhere.”

“One of the defining features of the new era is that it is post-American. By that I mean that the Pax Americana of the past three decades is over,” the “Fareed Zakaria GPS” host said.

Zakaria pointed to UAE and Saudi Arabia officials’ unwillingness to accept a phone call from President Biden as evidence of American decline.

“You can see the signs everywhere,” he said. “Consider that according to The Wall Street Journal the leaders of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, two countries that have depended on Washington for their security for decades, refuse to even take phone calls from the American president.”

Zakaria pointed to the Biden administration’s inability to lead a joint response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as further evidence of American decline.

“Consider as well that Israel initially in the Security Council vote and India have refused to describe Putin’s actions as an invasion and that all four countries have made it clear they will continue to do business with Russia,” Zakaria said.