Clinton Lawyer Not Testifying In Durham Trial

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Michael Sussmann, the attorney for the Hillary Clinton campaign who is now on trial for lying to the FBI will not take the stand.

He told Judge Christopher Cooper that he had decided not to testify after talking to his lawyers.

The New York Post reported:

The Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer on trial for allegedly lying to the FBI about his motivation for turning over since-debunked data purportedly linking Donald Trump to Russia will not testify in his own defense, he said in court Thursday.

As late as Wednesday, attorneys for Michael Sussmann, a former partner at powerhouse Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, said he was still contemplating whether to take the stand at his single-charge trial that’s spanned nearly two weeks in DC federal court.

Asked by Judge Christopher Cooper Thursday morning if he had spoken to his lawyers and decided not to testify, Sussmann replied, “Yes, your honor.”

Sussman took phony allegations regarding Trump and Russia to the FBI – he claimed at the time he wasn’t bringing the information on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

The Epoch Times reported: 

Sussmann is on trial for allegedly lying to the FBI when he took allegations concerning Trump and Russia to the bureau in September 2016. At the time, the lawyer said he was not bringing the information on behalf of any clients.

Sussmann later told a congressional panel that he received the information from a client and handed over the white papers and associated thumb drives to FBI lawyer James Baker on behalf of a client.