Charlie Kirk And Alex Jones: Raid On Mar-A-Lago Act Of “Desperation” (VIDEO)

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The Deep State is going all-in to stop President Donald Trump from running.

Alex Jones joined the Charlie Kirk Show to discuss the raid of Mar-A-Lago and said he believes it would lead to him running and winning again in 2024.

Charlie Kirk: Alex let me ask you – Do you think yesterday’s raid of Mar-A-Lago was an act of desperation? Certainly feels that way. That the Great Reset crowd, the Davos crew, they are freaking that the people are actually starting to restore to some voice…Do you feel that? Do you think that all of a sudden they are acting out of a sense of paranoia and last-minute desperation? 

Alex Jones: I mean I totally agree Charlie. This is 100% desperation when you got this incredibly popular President who is set to announce he is running again and you don’t know what to do so you raid him…the federal law says the President can get anything he wants from the National Archives for his presidential library…this is all a giant red herring to disqualify Trump from running in 2024 and I predict it will make Trump run and it will make Trump win. I think they’ve jumped the shark on this.

The MAGA movement is only getting stronger!