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Great Week Coming For President Trump?:

Steve Bannon told Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo, that this week was going to be a great week for President Trump and his administration. Bannon pointed out in this interview all the weaknesses of Joe Biden. However, it is unclear what Bannon knows something we don’t about what is going to drop this week.

Bill Maher Is Scared Biden Can’t Beat Trump:

Bill Maher worried out loud on his show that Joe Biden might be on his way to a loss against President Trump. He said that he is worried that Joe Biden isn’t far enough ahead at this point. Liberals across the country know that Joe Biden does not have the heart of the American people. They know he is a weak candidate.

Democrats Have Found Their New Hoax:

It seems that Democrats aren’t finishing pushing complete lies to attack President Trump. Democrats are now pushing a new baseless conspiracy theory which claims that President Trump is trying to use the post office to steal the 2020 election. Of course, the truth is the complete opposite. It is the Democrats who are trying to use the Post Office to rig the 2020 election. The truth hasn’t stopped Democrats from attacking President Trump with these falsehoods.

D.C Liberals Prove We Can Vote In Person:

Liberals in Washington D.C proved that voting in person should take place in 2020. D.C liberals took to the streets to protest against President Trump’s stance on Mail-In voting. Isn’t it interesting that those that claim it is not safe to vote in person right now have no issue screaming and marching side by side? If you can protest in person then you can vote in person.

The Left Shows Their True Colors After President Trump’s Brother Dies:

In terrible news, President Trump’s brother Robert Trump passed away Saturday night. According to President Trump, he was “his best friend”. You would think this would be a time where the country could be united in condolences for President Trump. #wrongtrump began trending on Twitter after Trump’s brother passing. This Twitter trend consisted of left-wingers wishing for the death of President Trump. Of course, the Mainstream Press couldn’t help but show their bias as well. The Washington Post took a jab at Robert Trump in his own obituary.

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