Biden Puts Scandal-Plagued Andrew Cuomo In Charge Of COVID Conference Calls

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Despite basing his campaign on the premise that he was better suited to handle the coronavirus crisis than now-former President Donald J. Trump, Joe Biden has been missing in action during the weekly COVID calls with the nation’s governors.

Neither Biden nor president-in-waiting Kamala Harris has bothered to show up for the regularly scheduled calls, a stunning detail revealed by Real Clear Politics but not nearly as stunning as who has been chosen by the administration to lead the calls.

None other than Andrew Cuomo, the scandal-plagued New York governor is running the show despite his disgraceful conduct toward women that has been graphically detailed by multiple former aides who accused the Albany strongman of making inappropriate sexual overtures to them.

There is also the matter of Cuomo’s disastrous handling of COVID including his ordering of infected patients into the state’s nursing homes where they spread the virus to the residents, resulting in over ten thousand deaths among the elderly.

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