Lawyer Fires Back At Soros-Backed US Attorney Who Targeted Heckler With “Witness Intimidation” Charge

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Soros-backed US Attorney Rachael Rollins filed charges against Boston activist Joao DePina for heckling her while she was live on television.

At the time, she was an elected District Attorney. Now, Biden has promoted her to US Attorney.

She alleged that the heckling was “witness intimidation” and is now pursuing charges that could lead to up to 10 years in prison.

Here’s the background From TB Daily News (originally published in 2021):

Last week we published a blog about Boston activist Joao DePina after he disrupted and heckled District Attorney Rachael Rollins on live television during a press conference about three BPD officers being shot in the most hilarious way possible.

But Rollins apparently had her feelings hurt by this public criticism and humiliation, and has decided to use her power as DA to charge DePina with witness intimidation for the incident.

The woman who got elected on a criminal justice reform platform that vowed not to prosecute 15 “non violent” offenses (9 of which family members of hers were charged with), is using her power to prosecute a former supporter for a non-violent offense because he had the audacity to publicly criticize her.

In Suffolk County you can shoplift, resist arrest, deal drugs, commit larceny, destroy property, threaten people, break into other people’s homes, and receive stolen property, but you cannot publicly criticize the District Attorney. Notice that she didn’t charge him with the only crime you could argue he committed – disturbing the peace – because it’s one of the 15 charges she vowed not to pursue on citizens. Instead she doctored up a “witness intimidation” charge and believes this won’t make her look like a hypocrite.

DePina used to be a campaign organizer for Rollins:

Attorney Marc J Randazza just filed a response to the charges.

Randazza says that the case should be dismissed on the grounds that it violates the first amendment rights of his client Joao DePina.

He also states that “There is no case in which an elected district attorney responded to a First Amendment-protected protest with a prosecution
under this statute.”

The full court documents can be read here

You can watch the incident here: