500 More US Troops Sent To Europe

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Joe Biden’s weakness led to Russia choosing now to invade Ukraine.

Due to this more and more troops are being deployed to Europe to protect NATO countries.

500 more were just deployed.

From Insider Paper:

The United States is sending 500 more troops to Europe to boost NATO security, an official said Monday as the Pentagon determined Russia has committed nearly all its combat power stationed along the border into Ukraine.

With President Vladimir Putin intensifying operations, a senior US defense official also warned that Russian strikes on civilians were mounting and that Moscow was seeking to recruit foreign fighters, notably Syrians, for the war.

The United States has already deployed 12,000 additional soldiers to Europe this year, but President Joe Biden has stressed that US troops will not engage in a conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine.

Over the weekend, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered an extra “500 US military personnel to locations in Europe to augment existing forces,” the defense official told reporters.